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Report - Kilnsea ROC Post - Yorkshire Group

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Squirrell 911

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I went out today looking for a ROC at Kilnsea and managed to find it.


The hatch was missing but at least it wasnt flooded out, the water was just over the sump grid.


It was stripped pretty bare as you can see with only the bed base down there and the notice board which did have some useful at the time numbers but none for the local pizza place which in a nuclear war would be quite useful.


It says post 102 and Cluster 100.

Looking up into the sunshine.


Also when I was on my travels in the area I found this well kept pillbox too.


Inside there was no graffiti which makes a change but even better is the fact you can see the woodgrain from the shuttering when the cast it in the first place.


Also near the pillbox I found this odd looking bit of concrete which has a square base and this on the top. Any ideas folks?
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