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Report - Kinder Water treatment Works, Hayfield, Derbyshire, August 2020


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1. The History
Kinder Water Treatment Works is located near Hayfield in the High Peak region of Derbyshire. It was built in 1912 to filter the water from Kinder Reservoir before it was piped to local homes and businesses. The brick building with its rows of arched windows and skylights is a familiar landmark to locals and visitors to the Kinder Valley. Kinder Water Treatment Work’s future became uncertain when in 1995 when the filtration plant and water storage facilities became redundant when United Utilities diverted the water from Kinder reservoir to the new Wybersley water treatment plant near Stockport.

Picture from the Grand Opening Day in 1912:

More recent archive picture:

The Filter House, as it is known, is now empty following the removal of the 24 free-standing mechanical filters which were state-of-the-art in their day. The internal floor space is around 10,000 square feet and the building sits in landscaped grounds of 0.91 hectares. Bench Architects were appointed by United Utilities Property Ltd to carry out a condition survey and archive research informing the feasibility proposals for the conversion of the building to residential as a prelude to putting it on the market back in 2015. You can see their plans HERE. However it appears no one was up for a Grand Designs style project and it has been empty ever since.

2. The Explore
Seem to have done quite a few water treatment works of recent. For this one we had a tip-off that this place was open so me and my non-forum member mate hopped in the car and took the hour drive over here. It was a lovely walk up to the waterworks and entry, once we’d found the entry point was easy enough. It’s a lovely building but is pretty empty inside. That said though it was well worth the trip over.

3. The Pictures

Following in hallowed footsteps:

A few externals:

Spillway from the reservoir:

And we're in! The metal thieves have had a field day here:

What is says on the tin!

These hoppers were fun:

And to the downstairs room:

It was a bit dark and dank in here:

George Barnsley’s flashback:

And on to the main show:

Loving the old doors:

Always useful to have a “Quick Reference Guide”:

That all-important eye wash:

It’s all about that roof:



Know your water. No, your water!

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Like this. That opening shot is great, so much history. Love seeing the old doors and old tiles too. Looks like a fun explore. Old archive pics are great too. Every lady seem to of worn a hat in those days lol :thumb

Bikin Glynn

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NIcely done HD, I stumbled across a Tawny on an explore in a building the other weekend, its unusual to find em roosting in buildings but they seem to be evolving into barn owl territory!

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