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Report - KinderKlinik Mountain View Slab Brocation Cruise Control - Germany - Feb 2013


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I know no one has offered much history on this brocation but I've found some stuff online so thought I'd be the first to talk in depth about it:-

'Das Kinderklinik 02P was ein hospital, ist ein derpen.'

It's in a town called Lolbrocation, which as far as I know is somewhere just outside of Narnia. It was really cold and snowy. Breakfast was good and I stole a load of flavoured tea in small sachets which were really good.

Also, we were treated just before this gourmet brocation, to Clough singing 'Say what say what say whaaaat' in the shower. Delightful.

Well that's over - Part of our Brocation Tour 2013, we had a list of Brocation courtesy of jST, O2E and UrbanPixels - We set off to the furthest point on the list to a guesthouse in the arse end of snowy nowhere, jST drove the whole trip at approx 500km/h. (CFTDriving) winter tyres were the order of the day and we managed to drive up a full mountain to the O2P hospital for a fucking traumatic LOL in the snow.

When we got there we had really only gone for the morgue - we had no information on this place except what O2E had found online - We found ACKSESS and had a proper massive walk round the hospital, we since found out that you can pay some fella 90 euros and they show you round and even give you markers on the floor for your tripod (O2E USED THEM ALL) it's really lovely and I think more people should get over the morgue and go see how good the rest of the place is - it took us ages to find the morgue and we all lost our shit over it for 10 minutes. Then left.

Here are the pictures: