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Report - - Kings cliff (RAF wittering) bomb stores | Military Sites |

Report - Kings cliff (RAF wittering) bomb stores

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Jon P

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
had planned to do this on wednesday but it p*ssed it down i didn't fancy walking about in the rain, then friday morning was an absolute arse with organising other stuff, i had hoped to have done this place then alconbury on the way home as they are both on my door step, so just got this done this afternoon, nice run out in the car through the country side lol

as the previous report, nothing in the driveway as you park up, though i was followed by a road sweeper and heard that buzzing around for time of my stay!:confused: :lol:

interesting to see that ravers and chavs (can't be many of them about as its inthe middle of nowhere) are lazy, by the time you got to the last "hidden" storage shed there was little graffiti on the walls. the worst places are those buildings nearest the entrance.

tried to shut the doors on sheds but couldn't well rusted up, even hanging off them with my weight didn't budge them:(

looks like it has been used by a farmer at some stage to keep sheep on, judging by the amount of poo on some of the shed floors.

entrance/view from road


lots of these sheds at the front






thought these "farmer" type barns were odd


looked like it has some fire damage to it

then the row of nine bunkers



found two ladders on my travels


not sure what use they had there..

rest of photos are here
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