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Report - Kirklees College, Huddersfeild, Jan 2016

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Kirklees College started life as Huddersfield Infirmary in 1831 up until 1967 when the Ramsden Technical College moved in, they paid £105,000 for the site.

In September 1968 the first students began lectures and the first new building on the site opened in 1969. The main new block was built in 1971 - the year the college became Huddersfield Technical College. In 2008 Huddersfield Technical College merged with Dewsbury College to form Kirklees College and relocated in 2013.

The campus incorporates 10 buildings over a 6.1 Acre site ranging from the old hospital complex to modern blocks of classrooms.

Some of the buildings have been used for the filming of the dramas Black Work, Remember Me where they changed some areas to be a care home, a hospital and a police station and the film Extremis. Some of this still remains as you will see.

The site is owned by Wiggett Construction Group, who have now confirmed they want to demolish the 1970s college buildings to make way for a Lidl supermarket


So me and two non members hit this place late January we knew it would turn into a tour bus type explore and wanted in before it got the urban explorer in silly masks treatment when I cam to post this tho there were already another six reports on the site up and being read so I left it a while and posted it when the hype slowed down, first thing to notice is this place will always have access due to the sheer number of smack heads that seem to inhabit the lower sections using it as a smack den, the drug parrafinelia is quite predominant throughout the lower sections. Anyway we hit the new side first getting in the library and the three tower blocks I think E G and F block , science labs and all that very interesting stuff still to be found throughout the place the old infirmary block has been pretty much stripped out apart from kitchen appliances and the usual bits of college stuff also the remains of the film they did there were quite interesting to see overall a decent explore that took nearly three and a half hours to see it properly​
















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