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Report - L & H Polymers - Northampton - Jan 2012


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This placed once produced flooring (or so I hear) and I expect it's the long familiar story we all know (high wage/material costs forced production overseas etc) that it's ended up like this. Me and Landie Man ended up here with a bit of time to kill before heading back home after a long while at Wolverton. Well, tbh, I find it quite hard to get enthusiastic about sites like this these days, maybe four or five years ago I would have really enjoyed an explore like this, but for me sites like this are a bit like derelict hospitals; if you've seen one you've pretty much seen 'em all.

Anyway, for a challenge, I thought I would leave the dslr and break out the Pentax MX and see how things went. Technically, I'm quite pleased with the pictures as all of the inside shots where done at 30 second exposures using a trigger release and counting down in my head, so I guess it shows there is still plenty going for film if your careful and your equipment is well set up (har har). Surprisingly, security are quite on the ball here hence forth we did not preambulate the site in it's entirety. We thence choose to let discretion be the better part of valour and slipped quietly away.

So here it is, L & H Polymers, in pure 35mm Kodak Gold 200 f8...









And finally...

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