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Report - Lallian's Flour Mill, Birmingham 02/04/10


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Visited with Speed and Raddog.

We'd had a cracking couple of days up north rounding up some mills that may not have been looked at before. In the days before we left, I remember seeing a wicked report of Lallian's that I must have overlooked before and hastily added it to the list of things to look at on the way back.

Lallian's may not look like much from the outside but the interior is everything you want from a crumbly mill. There was even wheat scattered all over the top floors merging in with the newer layers of pigeon poo. There's still ancient machinery all covered in black greasy goo and rotting wood stairs that lead right to the top.

Considering it's in the middle of such a big city, it's surprising how little human-caused decay there is at Lallian's. The majority of it is as they say, "general wear and tear". Hooray for general wear and tear! :thumb




























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