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Report - Langdon Hole Deep Shelter, Dover 14/06/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Siologen, Loops and Witek (name on birth certificate) ;)

Possibly one of the only sites yesterday that we found with any ease! It was Siologen's birthday so we thought a picnic and some tunnels would make a nice day of it. We started off looking for the Fan Bay thingy (could I remember where it was?....could I fuck...) We found lots of pea fields though and Witek ate lots of them :) We soaked up some sunshine on some random concrete structure and let off lots of party poppers and medals because everyone's a winner baby..that's the truth.

More pea fields later and we pulled up into the National Trust car park and swerved past the booth without paying (hardcore). Whilst waiting for Silo to go and move the car, me, Loops and Witek sunbathed and watched clouds in the shapes of noses and arrows.

To see the extent of the pea fields, I recommend watching this video:



They could be made into a string of medals for big winners!

Witek's golden balls for winners

New wellies...best yet I reckon

Birthday Boy gets overwhelmed by Big Eat pickled onion

Just before the Kerplunk

Witek battles on through









Oh! Herrrro!






Camera loves you baby..yeah just pull that top down a bit more...


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that video of siolo in the pea field is legendary!


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ah if you had gone a month ago you would have came out of the field of oil seed rape bright yellow and smelling very like cabbage,;) photo 9 looks spot on reminds me abit of the ghost train rides they had at the fair when i was about 12 :gay


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Nice wellies - if they come in Jelly Baby, I'm there.
As larey says - that would be OSR not peas. Infinitely more comedy to try to run through tho.


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yer that vids good, lol

good piccys once again, think this place will always be a fave for me, one of my first, lol

awww ya had a party picnic and didnt invite me *tuts*