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Report - Langdon Hole Dover (Dumpy B ) Deep Shelter (5-4-15


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Koi This was another of this weeks visits Langdon hole deep shelter this is probably my favourite I have visited so far

Langdon Bay. Target of the night, Langdon Hole Deep Shelter. Originally used in World War 2 as an alternate site for Central Command Headquarters located under Dover castle. The wartime codename was "DUMPY B", an acronym for "deep underground military position yellow". Was sealed shut in 1979.the entrance is like finding a needle in a haystack

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Well done for finding this one, spent ages the first time looking for it!
This is probably my fave Dover shelter, although I doubt I'd go back with so much asbestos all over the floor!
Ps could do with a date etc in the title:thumb
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Yes Id agree with that my first visit there was abit of a wakeup when I walked round the corner to find 2 more people there :) haha I liked this one but the st Margret's ones are awesome too


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Mate, do you have any more pictures? Just three isn't really enough for a decent report. Also you need a location and a bit of background about the site.


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Although this is one of the most well-known abandoned deep shelters in Dover, it remains still one of the most interesting, what with it being the back-up station for dumpy under the castle and all . unfortunately though, I saw in a recent image of this shelter that someone has managed to remove the air ducts that look a bit like eyes from that vaguely anthropomorphic looking ventilation shaft; damn vandals.

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