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Report - Langley Maltings - April 2017

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Urbex Photographer
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The other day me and a friend went down to the old abandoned Maltings in Langley Green. The whole time we were inside was recorded; you can find it here.

Langley Maltings was one of the last maltings to use a technique using gravity to malt the alcohol. The grade II victorian building was struck by arsons in 2012 and was abandoned at the grand age of almost 140 years old. This is what the inside is like... (for a better insight to the structure please view the video linked above as it covers every accessible part of the building)


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Urbex Photographer
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I believe so, not the easiest to gain access too, requires some climbing and ingenuity.


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28DL Full Member
went to langley malting about a week ago, all bricked up now. every entrance blocked and a very active skip hire place right next to it. pity would love to have gotten into it

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