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Report - Leckhampton Nurseries, Cheltenham July 2018


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This was a chance find on our way home, after spotting some telltale heras fencing through the trees we decided to turn around and have a look out of pure curiousity.

It turned out to be an old plant nursery containing some very large greenhouses - a sensible place to explore on the hottest day of the year I'm sure you'd agree. Mind you we struggled to actually get inside any of them other than the largest one as there is some seriously epic bramble growth here, more than I've ever seen anywhere.

There wasn't much to the place so we were in and out fairly quickly but as the old saying goes 'any hole's a goal' and I don't believe it has been documented on here before.

I believe it once may have been part of the almost adjacent and operational Berry's Nurseries, the sign on the road says Leckhampton Nurseries however I can't find a jot of info about it online, just a planning application for land on the same road which calls it Berry's Nurseries.

Thanks for looking :)​

Chelt original

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28DL Full Member
there used to be a office building thats now gone and there was lots of opened and unopened bills! and hundreds and hundreds of cafe creme cigar tins along with hundreds of super tennents cans, might of had something to do with the lack of money!

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