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Report - - Lennox Castle Hospital - 2/12/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Lennox Castle Hospital - 2/12/07

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Well having already been to Broomhill, in which we spent a lot of time, by the time we got to Lennox Castle, it was getting dark.

On the way up met some of the lovely local childred. Walking round the outside of the building, Pincheck noticed smoke. Turns out they had set up a fire inside the main courtyard. So Pincheck stamped it out and we had a look round.

I attempted to get up the fire escape, but after successfully getting up to the middle bit, my brain decided that I was to suffer from vertigo. Much hilarity ensued trying to get back down the fire escape, with tripod in one hand, mag-lite in the other whilst climbing over barbed wire.

With the amount of light left, and also due to the fact with it was cold, I only have outside shots.

So consign this to the bin if need be, but Cuban and Pincheck will no dount have better photos.

Some information on the castle

Lennox Castle, a splendid mansion in Campsie parish...Standing on the wooded northern slope of the South Brae (758 feet), it commands an extensive and brilliant view, and itself figures as a striking feature in a gorgeous landscape. It was erected in 1837-41, after designs by David Hamilton of Glasgow, in a bold variety of the grand old Norman style; occupies a site adjoining that of the old mansion of Woodhead.

(Frances Groome, Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland (1882-4); © 2004 Gazetteer for Scotland)

Im presuming the mansion house of wood head is the tower house looking builing sitting in the trees. If Lennox Castle keeps going the way its going, it will be as much of a ruin.




The main arch


Im presuming rubble from the roof fell on this! Would have taken serious force to have bent these!