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Report - Lewis's Deapartment Store, Liverpool - August 2011


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Visited with: Gone / Rookie / Aos / OneByOne / Sui

I got a phone call from Gone, inviting me to come and hit some stuff in Liverpool. Not wanting to turn down some quality urbex time, I agreed. So we all met up, and the first thing we had a look at was Lewis’s. We made our way in under the cover of darkness, and were soon traipsing about the various floors, basement, and rooftop – much to my disappointment the entire place is stripped out, including the famous fifth floor. All that really remained of it was a few scraps of wallpaper on the otherwise bare walls. Nevertheless, we cracked on and got some shots from the rooftop, overlooking all the pissheads down below.



Opened in 1856 by entrepreneur David Lewis, Lewis's started out selling mainly clothing, most of which was manufactured by Lewis. Over time, the branched out and began selling various items such as tobacco, shoes, and in later years even incorporated a bank. Various other stores were opened in locations such as Manchester and Birmingham, and the Manchester Lewis’s even incorporated a full scale ballroom on the fifth floor – which is still present today.

The Liverpool store, being the last remaining one, closed its doors to shoppers for the last time on 29th May 2010.

This was a nice one to do, and many comedy moments came along the way. After we were done, we headed out to find more stuff to get up to, including getting shoo’d off by an angry security guard over an intercom, lifting some lids, being led into some very sharp bushes by Gone, and playing on a small crane. Good stuff.





Thanks to all involved, and thanks for looking.​


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