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Report - Llanberis ammo dump

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Over the easter weekend I managed to introduce my dad to UE...:thumb

Took him to the old MOD site at Llanberis. It was handy to hve him along, he seemed to know a lot about the site....or not..

He was under the impression that it had been used as an MOD helicopter training base and a regional paperpushing station...he didnt realise what the real point of the place was...I think we were both pleasantly supprised by the size of the actual amo store, and infact the entire site....The amo store is so unbelievably close to the road, and hardly anyone knows its there...

We had a good 3 hours wondering around, unfortunately the local pikeys were in the actual collapsed part of the amo store hurling rocks and trees into the hole...they were too pathetic to venture far into the dark bits...

View from the back of the amo store:

The collpased section on the left, and the remaining parton the right...

You can make out the full guage railway on the right hand side of the pit.

Seriously enormous inside!



Train station:

Interesingly, the place is kept dry using a natural aircon system.... There is a tunnel that goes from the back of the store into an old quary behind, this makes the air sink through the store and flow out of the railway tunnels onto the lake....This is the tunnel exit into the quarry..

Was a nice day out, impressive...and makes you wonder what else is hiding under the ground in the UK...


Re: Llanberis amo dump

Nice pics, Llanberis is a great explore. Here's a few pics from my visit last year.


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"The filthy act of spitting must be discontinued, anyone found spitting will be severely dealt with. Chewing of tobacco is prohibited, offenders are liable to dismissal."

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As well as clear this water was very deep.