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Report - Lloyds Building London March '12


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Well, Lloyds building what a place. I like many others have looked in complete awe at this ''Inside out'' building dreaming that one day I would stand along side the blue cranes and exposed spiral staircases up on the roof of this amazing piece of listed architecture.

Tbh I never thought it would happen, but then the scaffolding appeared possibly turning the dreams into possible reality.

For me, this was purely for the building and not the views like most other rooftops and cranes. When we arrived at the site, the surrounding area was still busy because of the club opposite so I really didn't have much hope of being successful that night, but after pure persistence navigating our way through a minefield across different sections of scaff and across parts of the building with ridiculous sheer drops we were eventually on the roof.

What a moment that was, An unforgettable moment for me and I'm sure for my acquaintances also. Like the time Dicky and myself first got onto the roof of The Shard it was just surreal and is exactly what I love about this obsession with the city and its buildings we all share.

Thanks to OliGT, Katei & Dicky21. Your company was great, and it was a real joint effort to pull this off.

Not too many shots from me, as my camera battery died whilst up there. Never mind, an excuse to go back.

Exterior shot yoinked from google.







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