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Report - London Bridge House, Temple Court, New Court. Early 2010


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We approached the capital with vague intentions of hitting something high. We discussed various sites we didn’t even go near, took the piss out of Nebba’s noddy car and upset taxi drivers by driving erratically. First site was the delightful Temple Court, a medium sized block close to Bank. In fact, it’s right next to New Court. Easy as pie, comical almost. Only downside was the presence of the wind, which knocked Nebba’s tripod over before he’d even opened his bag.


Temple Court was unspectacular, but something to whet our appetites with before we moved on. With towers like Heron and The Shard going up at the moment, these places don’t appeal to many and I suspect once there’s some flesh on the bones of The Shard, that will become the hotspot for a month or so…


We rolled down to London Bridge House and after a brief walk around the compound, took the only way up. The very top of the building was an open topped floor that had obviously had a roof above it, since demolished. I suspect not much had gone on since work started here, as the crane was roughly the same height as the top floor. Nice views were to be had here.


The photo above was the result of climbing the crane in the picture below. Confused? You shouldn’t be. It was very cold and windy, the wind taking the feeling away from your fingertips and your desire to stay right up at the top decreasing. These things still manage to move a little in the wind, but the knowledge of the masses these can lift reassures you it’s not going to come down.


The Shard was adjacent to this site, my suspicions are that the demolition of London Bridge House co-incides with the office space to be made available in the newer, taller towers being erected at the moment. I could just be talking shit though.


We turned up at Heron looking to climb the big tower. They had action on the ground floor and delivery lorries parked up waiting. We gave it an hour, stuffing our faces with McDonalds and then decided to fill our boots with something else. So through a hole in the wall we went, into another building site we’d not seen before.

So through the hole and up the stairs, pitter patter as we went. Onto the roof, play on the half built stairwells to the highest point of the building. Surrounded by glorified chicken wire, the view is cluttered by a grid of metal designed for safety.

Down to the crane, up the crane and onto the gantry, for some beautiful views of the financial area of London. It’s not called Bank for nothing.


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