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Report - London Road fire station-8/7/7

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Visited With Angel, Syme, Gibbo, userscott and Lawrence.

Designed and built by Woodhouse, Willoughby & Langham from 1904-1906 this fine Grade II listed building was headquarters of the Manchester City Fire Brigade for the first half of the 20th century. It also housed a police station and a coroner's court, the latter still being in operation.
This exuberant buff, terracotta and red brick building occupies a triangular plot and is located opposite Piccadilly Railway Station. The central courtyard includes a series of balconies, whose tenements were once home to 40 firemen, and a training tower. By any measure it was a well equipped and sumptuous complex, with its own library, stables, bank and gymnasium.
A fine baroque building, which presently is under utilised and awaiting a major cleaning and refurbishment. It was in continued occupation until the late 1980s, but its future is presently unknown, despite several plans to convert the building to another function, including one abortive plan to make it into a hotel.

Access was comedy, but thanks to angel who made things a whole lot
easier for the rest of us, then we were greeted by the sight of the inner courtyard and tenements as viewed from the tower shortly after.


The tower the courtyard shot was taken from with Gibbo and Userscott at the top

One of the wider parts of the upper tenements, whre the firefighters kids would play i assume






Hopefully ive left some scope there for my fellow explores to post some pics without too many repeats.
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