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Report - Long Rake Spar, Derbyshire - Summer 2011


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Some proper lovely pics there, I especially like the second to last shot :)

basement bert

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Just a word on this mine... It has been extensively infilled and this has caused many accessible levels to become dangerously unstable. Also carbon monoxide build up has been recorded due to surface plant machinery emissions being drawn into shafts and adits. Nasty stuff indeed! I'd stay away from this fella...


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I'll second the above comment even if i'm 4 years later, we went down last night and the lower level at the bottom of the ladders made a few of us instantly dizzy with head aches, not safe down there! I've been down long rake at least 5 times this year, yesterday was the first time I've experienced the bad air, maybe due to the weather disturbing things and the lower flooded passage drying out and becoming like quick sand silt to the knees?

Also where are the last photos taken with the lift and the office like room?

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