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Report - - Longcross Barracks, Chertsey 16/05/06 | Military Sites |

Report - Longcross Barracks, Chertsey 16/05/06

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with Riddlers and Markr.

A closed barracks in very good condition. Some of things we saw were the kitchens (stripped), Sergeants Mess, Sergeants accomodation. Nice views from the roof.


28DL Member
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Re: Longcross Barracks, Chertsey 16/05/06 - REPORT

just a couple of mine:

1: original entance by the guard house
2: air raid siren
3: directions
4: strange/wobbely spiral staircase that leads to...
5: tiny room with a safe....
6: kitchen extractor
7: boiler
8: weird lights
9: instruction poster for mortar attack
10: barracks