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Report - Lunatic Asylum, Finland, October 2011


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This was the second time we visited this site. I think the place is kind of cursed: the first time we were there on June practically all of our flashlights went out of batteries and this time around my flashlight and camera broke down. Luckily I still managed to get some decent pictures.

The asylum is located in the center of a Finnish town called Kellokoski. I really haven't found much about the history of this place, but I do know that it once was the home of one of the most well known loonatics in Finland, The Princess of Kellokoski. Born in 1896, she was seriously delusional and thought that she had royal blood pumping through her vains. They tried to cure her in every possible way, but eventually they gave up and allowed her to live thinking she was a princess. Some of the nurses at the hospital even lived up to "princesses" expectations, gaved her a fake crown and acted as humble as they could when she was around.

Now the building has seen it's days of glory, and is waiting to be demolished at the end of this year. The building is seriously mouldy and has suffered from severe water damage over the years.






Some big machines on this room, I have no idea what they're for though.




Thanks for watching and sorry for any spelling errors.. English is definitely not my native language.