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Report - Macro / Academy, Bradford, December 2017


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History etc

'Bradford Beck is a river that flows through Bradford and on to the River Aire at Shipley. As it reaches Bradford city centre it runs underground after being built over in the 19th century. It is culverted as it runs from Bradford city centre to Queen's Road after which it runs mostly in an open channel to Shipley. The beck used to be known as the most filthiest river in England.

Bradford itself, is so named after a crossing on Bradford Beck (the Broad Ford) which was located near to what is present day Church Street, with a crossing named as Broadstones. The beck is formed from a number of smaller watercourses, namely Pinch Beck, Pitty Beck, Middlebrook, Clayton Beck, Bull Greave Beck, Chellow Dene Beck, Westbrook, Dirkhill Beck, Bowling Beck, Eastbrook, Bolton Beck, Trap Sike, Northcliffe Beck and Red Beck.'

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradford_Beck

The Visit

This territory has been covered in impressive detail by others on here, but this was my first quick visit to see the sights of underground Bradford. Fair to say I was impressed! Earlier in the day I was in danger of bailing out due to a headache and possible chest infection when a well timed text from @Esoteric Eric bought me back on board. As it turns out, going in drains may be good for headaches and possible chest infections. This visit saw us covering a relatively short stretch of Macro, up to the arches, where we then branched off towards Academy. There's clearly much more to see here, but as an intro to underground Bradford this was pretty effective.

Our entry accidentally attracted the attention of a couple of people nearby, who could only watch, confused as we disappeared into the darkness...

Found these refreshing popsicles. Tasted a bit sour....

The arches were awesome....

Onwards to Academy...

Up the steps, this came next, but this was where we bailed on this occasion. Will be back...

The return, covered in double speed....


Taking pictures of Eric taking pictures of Academy...

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Good shots there!
Will have to return to the Academy section again some day as I didn't have my camera on me the time I went. Looks nicer than I recall.
Thanks! It was brilliant in Academy, and I now wish we’d gone a bit further too, but more to see next time I guess!

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