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Report - - Mansfield Shoe Factory 20\03\06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Mansfield Shoe Factory 20\03\06

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Well I thought someone should go and document this place before it is gone forever, so swung past on my way home from sheffield. I was not that bothered about the place, but it is pissing me off how much of Britain's industrial heritage goes down the pan without being rescued or documented.

Access was very easy (those that have been to Billingham house will understand even better!) I was inside while the demolition crew were in there, so I did not see all of the place, but what I saw was good 1930s/40s factory buildings, with many features in situ.
I was at the foot of a staircase when I kicked a piece of iron by accident. A guy shouted down "Jim, that you" Jim replied "No... i'm up here..." I knew it was time to leave!!!
Might try and go back

NOTE TO MANSFIELD CREW: Go and see it before it is too late!!



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