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Report - March ROC Post - Cambridgeshire Group

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One local to me which hasnt been looked at for years or by subbrit from what i understand. Had a mosey down last night and took some pictures. Was great fun climbing back out right into the bottom of a bloody bramble bush which its overgrown by.

Not a lot down there to be honest but remarkably clean and even though it was a tad barron it didnt disappoint. Didnt really get many pics of the room but my co explorers did so i'm sure they will indulge you too.

I had a few questions i asked myself when i got home last night.

1. - Why didnt i look inside the telcom box.


2. - WHat was this for and should i have tested it?


3. - Why didnt i notice all the centipedes and other insects in here until i looked at the picture this morning?


4. - What would have happened when we span this and what was it for?


5. - Why wasnt this bloody sign on the hatch so i could see it as i was banging my head on the way out? Also why didnt the occupier below make us a cuppa? :lol:


Excellent evenings entertainment and well looking forward to our next exploratory excursion. :eek: