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Report - Megatron Re-inforcement Works Update - Sept 2010.


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Present Ojay Woodburner, Aem, Muttley & Starbarwillow

After we recently visited Megatron, (HERE) which tbh had been a big to do for a while, and as massive bonus was witness to the work being carried out down there, we planned a return trip as Aem had never taken a camera and Muttley wanted a look. The lights were no longer left on since WB original mooch but was a right enough all the same.

We had also planned 4 others for the trip, but sadly couldn't make it.

Having no car myself I had also pulled out at the last minute, until I recieved a phone call from Woodburner earlier in the evening "The lights are on!"

Fuck :EEK: I literally begged borrowed and stole & car within minutes and jumped on the motorway, destination In Your Mahoosive Culverts.

I instructed WB to send in the others so not to keep them waiting, with WB waiting at the access all areas whilst I ripped up tarmac :D

I made it in record time, as I jumped out of the car it was a case of "whats the plan?"

WB - "CBA"

That was our plan LOL, translated meant wellies not wad0rs as we CBA to go all the way down to your 'Parabolic Arches', instead we opted to spend more time mooching around the 'works' as well we had sent the others down stream, and would have only got in each others way.

The section we were last in had now been spraycreted, and they had diverted the River on the much deeper Left Hand Side. Helped with the fact the lights were on and nobody was home made it a cool setting for much culverty action....

We also looked at the Upstream section of the River Sheaf at the infall, as I had never previously ventured up that far or took any shots of the place.

It does get deep, so be warned, and the journey is terminated with a hooj metal grille.

We spent a good few hours down here, largely waiting for the others to take pictures, whilst WB and myself dicked about with pumps & plant as we attempted a spot of spray creting ourselves :D

Quote's of the day

"we got a few comedy people shots and some flouro-lit goodness at the top end" Oh yes

"Wonder if Ojay's leg has dried out yet? LOL" NO!

"lol @ Ojay's depth perception fail: *splosh* FUCK!

Yes thats right, as I waited for the others to pack up I was busy looking at the audience we now had above at the bus stop and failed to notice the change in direction of the Brook. *splosh* I was in waist deep in freezing cold water, not good, I was soaked and thus drove home in such state, where I emptied a further litre of water out of my socks & wellies when I got back.

In your culverts........

The lights are on but nobody's home




A couple of 'tools' oh yeah and we found some shovels :D



In your tunnels




We didn't venture past here down to the Parabolic Arch, as we opted for wellies


Pissing about


Before we headed upstream of the Sheaf to check out the Infall





Outta Here


All in all a worthy mooch and good meeting everybody

Thanks for looking. Shouts to Woodburner, Aem. Muttley & Starbarwillow for Lulz
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