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Report - Megatron Reinforcement Complete - November 2010


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Howdy folks!

You may remember me from such reports as Megatron May 2010 and Megatron Reinforcement work, June 2010

So you may have gathered I have been in this place a few times. :D

Anyway the other day I was driving past the middle section of Megatron where workmen have been decending into the culvert to carry out maintenance work... Only to notice that the fences and staircase had disappeared.

"Must have finished" thinks I.

They had, so on a cold November night, myself and my cousin (who isn't a 28DL member) headed down to inspect the AMCO handiwork. :)

The works are limited to a 100m-ish section close to the end of the first section of the culvert, where the main road runs overhead.

Fans of old stonework (myself included) may not approve of spraycreting but this culvert is getting on for 130 years old now!

The original stonework...


New spraycreted section...


Looking back up the usually dry east-tunnel, You can see where the spraycreting begins...


Ditto for the west-tunnel, but was approaching welly breach here!


Its a shame for the ceiling to be covered up as it has been, but structurally I think this bit needed it! Also going in November showed us the seasonal variation in water levels, it was at least another 2-3 inches higher even though we have had no recent heavy rain. This doesn't sound like much but in some parts it was a struggle to walk through!

Thanks for looking. :thumb


PS this also means that Megatron is now do-able during the daytime. ;)
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