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Report - Melbourne Rootopping, Australia, May 12


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As some may know im currently on my travels and am now settling in Melbourne for a few months.

Finding people into exploring has beern nowhere near as hard as I expected and I have met plenty through parkour scene which seems tight with the urbex scene from what ive seen. Much bigger scene here than i expected and such a awesome city.

Anyway heres a bit from my first 2 "height nights" in town to date!

The rooftop known as "114"



This rooftop consisted of a leap from a flight of stairs to the rooftop facing a massive drop. I pussied out of that and had to endure the hardest climb of my life over a security fence.
Decent views over flinders and fed square.



Salvo crane and rooftop- southbank

After getting chased by some huge guy we were in and had to face a very long and tiring crane climb.


After finnaly getting to top we were met with a blocked entrance to cabin etc, apparently this is normal in oz...PISS TAKE!just shows how lucky we are to have such welcoming cranes in uk haha.

Anyway luckily enough we found access the roof next to crane which infact was higher than that cranes crows nest and offered a crazy 360 view over melbourne top notch.




(next time im defo bringing a tripod!)


Did these with a non member and theres plenty more to come.


If you want too see more pics and not friends on facebook then check out flickr which il update tonight. Plenty of stuff from my travels on my youtube too if Interested, rudgerz118.
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