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Report - - Meriden ROC Post FSM - Warwickshire Group :: 08/02/09 | ROC Posts |

Report - Meriden ROC Post FSM - Warwickshire Group :: 08/02/09

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Mods feel free to send this straight to the recycle bin this if you feel so.

Firstly, i've been thinking about sending a cam down the fsm tube of this post for a while now. Along the way i had mixed feelings about this, part of me was thinking that it has been trashed and the owner of the land sealed it, but the other half was thinking about what turkey said in another thread that this post is owned by a charity and they have sealed it to preserve whats down there.

When i arrived the snow was falling heavy and it was freezing cold. Anywho i got out the car and got my things and walked to the post. As i undone the final bolt and removed the plate from the fsm tube i got a wiff of that true Roc post smell lol.

After about 10 minutes trying to put together my idea that i thought would work well for sending the cam down (which didnt lol) I was ready to go and firstly came back with the images below. I only managed to get 4 images before the camera batteries died... so much for duracell batteries :crazy.

I wouldn't of posted this if this had been done before, but it hasn't so i've done it to show that this is one well worth doing properly as it obviously been sealed to preserve it. I will definetly try again sometime with a better way of lowering the cam down. If anyone who has experience on Fsm camming could you please leave some tips.

The pics:


Coaxial cable for Post radio, and telephone junction box with cable