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Report - Methodist chapel, South Anston, South Yorkshire, January 2020


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1. The History
Searched high and low for info on this one and could find anything. All I know is that it was a former Methodist Church which was then sold off and bought by a man who was a car enthusiast and he used the chapel as his workshop and kept his cars and tractors in the grounds. It appears he passed away and the place has just been left. The church has holes in the roof and its days are surely numbered while the assorted vehicles gently rust away.

2. The Explore
Nice little mooch this one. Fairly easy in and bar not getting spotted from the road or the two properties either side, a relaxed explore. The church is basically one big room crammed full of car paraphernalia and a small off-shot room. Outside in the grounds are four cars, two vintage tractors and a digger. The place had a bit of atmosphere to it and the red bordered windows in the church and the vintage cars really photogenic. Any help identifying the makes of cars gratefully received...

3. The Pictures

The chapel first:

It’s all about those windows:

2 by HughieDW,

It may be one room but there’s a sea of stuff in there:

Oil cans, old petrol tanks:

Even an old chair:

img5414 by HughieDW, on Flickr

On to the offshoot room:

Again, packed full of stuff:

Back outside for the vehicles. Tractor no.1:

Car no. 1:

Car number 2:

Forgot to photograph car no.3 so here’s one of number 4!

Tractor no. 2:

And finally, not forgetting the digger!

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Really nice exposure used to bring those windows out. Great shot. What a weird place for storage. Nice bone yard in regards to vehicles that is lol :thumb

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