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Report - Metropolis Nightclub, Newcastle Under Lyme - October 2016


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The Savoy Cinema

This place has been covered on the Leads and Rumours section many times and is amazing that it hasn't been done yet, the building is split across 3 main floors each containing a nightclub that could trade separately or as one big 'super club'. The two lover floors (known as Room 1 & Room 2) traded under the Metropolis name, with the 3rd (top) floor trading as Metz Nightclub with a separate entrance to the other two clubs.

Overall the building is in really good condition with minimal damage that appears to have been caused by workers removing copper and anything of real value, a lot of the building still has power which is impressive considering how long it has been empty. Few of the original features remain inside, however at the entrance to Room 1 & 2 the lowered ceiling has been removed exposing the word Picturdrome in the brickwork. Apologies in advance as this is pic heavy.



The King’s Hall Picturdrome was located in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. It opened on 10th February 1913 with “The Count of Monte Cristo”, plus variety acts on the stage. It initially had 1,000 seats. The entrance was via a 100 feet long glazed arcade. It was re-named Savoy Cinema on 28th February 1927 after a refurbishment.

Taken over by the Associated British Cinemas(ABC) chain in 1932. The Savoy Cinema was closed on 11th April 1964 with “Goliath and the Barbarians”. It was converted into an Alpha Bingo Club, later a Surewin Bingo Club operated by the Hutchinson bingo group.

On 4th December 1975, the former circle was re-opened by an independent operator as the 200-seat Savoy Cinema with Paul Newman in “The Towering Inferno”. The former stalls area had been converted into a health club and a snooker club. It was closed in February 1991. Following this it was purchased an converted into a nightclub split across 3 floors, which could be opened independently.
(History stolen from: http://cinematreasures.org)


[1] - Original Main Entrance in July 2015.


[2] - Main cash desk.


[3] - What a bargain. :rolleyes:


[4] - Entrance to Room 1 & 2 with original exposed brick work (Pictvredrome).


[5] - Tile work at the Room 1 entrance.


[6] - Room 2 on the lower ground floor.


[7] - Decorative glass in Room 2.


[8] - The 2nd bar in Room 1.


[9] - Entrance to Room 1 and Cloak Room.


[10] - Main stage and DJ Booth in Room 2.


[11] - Main bar in Room 1 with working lights.


[12] - Dummy piano in Room 1


[13] - Fire Escape from Room 1


[14] - Main dance floor in Metz (Top Floor)


[15] - Seating area and main bar in Metz.


[16] - Projection Room for the balcony screen.


[17] - Projection room door.


[18] - Poundland from the projection room.


[19] - Post Mix shelving.
Cheers For Looking. :thumb
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Choo Choo m8ty

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Thats nice that gronk m8ty good stuff. You do like your nightclubs dont ya lol. Good shots you got there and deffo an interesting place.


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Thank you so much for those pictures, got so many great memories of watching films in that cinema, from the first film I saw there Staying Alive till the last which was Die Hard 2, I can't believe the projection booth was still there. I always hoped there would be a random film poster there still or some old film can or something but still amazing to see inside it again. Even though I like dance music I only ever went the Metropolis once when they had a rock night on and I think I was pretty much the only person there.

Thanks again, cheers and all that really appreciate it.


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We went for a poke about...

Other than a bit of plaster work and a few hidden stained glass windows there wasn't much to see that's not shown above. I can tack some photos on the end of this report if you'd be happy with that...?

Andrew D

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I found this site by accident searching for the Savoy Cinema, I worked here as projectionist from 1979 to mid eighties, the projection box looks very sad. Amazing it is still within the building. The projection room door pictured was mainly used to check inside the cinema. The main entrance to the projection box was at the rear of the room near to the window showing the view to Poundland. It was Woolworths in my day, I remember the view very well.

Andrew D

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Nice to see this. I always like looking at cinema conversions and figuring out how they did it.
The cinema was created within the circle area of the old cinema, the stalls were converted into a bingo hall. When I worked there, I would sometimes go into the bingo hall, the old screen procenium arch was still in situ and you could see the blocked off circle. Sound proofing was sometimes a problem and there were cracks appearing below the circle due to footfall created in the cinema.

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