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Report - Midland Saleyards Western Australia 27.11.12 (lots of pics) November 2012


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By Skye Shannon from Perth ABC dated Wednesday, 28/04/2010

After 100 years of operation, the Midland saleyard on the outskirts of Perth has had its final sale. The yards are old: in fact many who've worked there a long time say they're close to falling down and agree a relocation is well overdue. The yards are situated on 11 hectares of land and surrounded by new housing developments, industrial landsites and one of Perth's biggest highways.

This week as jumbo jets hung low overhead, hundreds of cockies, stockies and onlookers came to lean against the grey old wooden rails for the last time. With the creak of steel gates, the squeal of a workers' whistle and the constant hum of the auctioneer, stories of the last century flowed. Years ago the scene was vastly different. Instead of big double-decker trucks, it was train carriges that brought stock to the yards.
They came from all corners of the state.

These days auctioneer Mel Morris says he can count the number of buyers on one hand but remembers doing battle with as many as 30 bidders years ago. In the 50s and 60s the yards gave many young boys the chance to learn the livestock trade. And in recent time the ladies in the canteen have ensured a bellyfull of food for all involved. Brian Morrison has been working at the yards for 17 years. He remembers sneaking out of school to buy his first sheep at Midland. Livestock sales will move from Midland further north east to Muchea where a new livestock selling complex has just been completed.

I drive past this place every couple of weeks and thought about how to get in there and have a look before they bulldoze the joint. It didn't take long to find a way in, and standing on a hill net to the site one can see how big it really is, about 30 acres of cattle pens, auction huts, elevated walkways, a 3 level holding area, and a large admin/canteen/bar area. It looks like that some of the original sheds, and some pens have been removed, but after just over 2 and a half years the saleyards are getting overgrown, but considering the area it is in, has not been trashed too bad.


A View from a high point overlooking the yards.

One of the cattle holding pens for auctions.

One of the overhead walkways.

Large 3 level building.

What looks like a feed chute.

Inside the 3 level building, more cattle pens.

Not sure about this area.

Plants taking over.

The Canteen.

A dishwasher in the bar.

The bar area.

Outside the main building.

Some old stuff.



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