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Report - Millenium Mills, London December 2016


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Just some quick info on my visit here in early December 2016. If you want to check it out go as soon as possible- re-development is going to begin very soon and there are already signs of work. It has been tightly secured- ground floor windows all boarded up and perimeter fences. Amazing building and its worth walking around it even if you cant manage to get inside. Sadly it will soon be turned into modern flats so enjoy it while you can!
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yeah, we got in over the fence in november, posted a report on here. Difficult to do anything once inside as it was all locked up tight. Real shame.


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Sad to say that it is near enough impossible to get in. Yes you can jump the fence but now they have dogs and a man in a car protecting the area. Real shame to be honest.


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Havent been dogs in over a year, very much accessable. Getting inside the building however requires some thinking