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Millennium Dome, 17/01/07 | Noteworthy Reports |

Millennium Dome, 17/01/07

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with Stumpy, Tank and Palace Fan.

We arrived bang on time as usual :rolleyes: and made our way in, and straight to the roof, a mission in itself. Just below the roof we kitted up with harnesses and fall arrest gear for the climb ahead, clipped on to the safety system and made it to top dead centre. We stopped for some photos of the fantastic 360 degree view...




Next stop was to climb one of the towers, that didn't look very tall earlier on. From the roof of the dome they are insane, as high as a crane, with one ladder on the outside. We clip on to the safety cables and after a walk over the bouncy roof we get to our towers (2 climbers each)...




Close to the top there is a platform - can you see Stumpy and Tank?...


At the very top, theres no room to move, even less to set a camera up, and you are surrounded by mesh. By this time the wind had seriously picked up and it was lashing down with rain...


Anyway, we got back down and inside, and went for a wander. There's major works going on everywhere, and we were dodging the workmen as much as we could.

Here's some areas around the perimeter...



Finally, we came to the stadium in the centre of the dome. I had no idea this existed, or that it could possibly exist in the dome. It's like a tardis in there...




After bumping directly into workmen ( by bumping I mean so close we actually said hello) a couple of times we decided to leave.

A top night out. Thanks to Palace Fan and Tank for showing the way, and Stumpy for driving.


Mr Muscle
28DL Full Member
Awesome stuff OT & crew, this was one of my favourite places ever when we did it last year as it's just such a surreal place to be. Definitely the biggest bouncy castle I've been on :D

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