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Report - Millennium Mills - London - May 2014


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Dropped by here on the weekend while in the area, have been wanting to give it a go for quite awhile. Don't usually drop by sites like this in broad daylight but managed to get in unseen - by any security at least, although observed them moving around on site quite a bit after I was indoors.

The Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of 20th century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock, between the Thames Barrier and the ExCel exhibition centre alongside the newly built Britannia village, in Newham, London, England. Along with Millennium Mills, there remains a small section of the now destroyed Rank Hovis Premier Mill and a restored grade II listed grain silo, labelled the ‘D’ silo. Described as a "decaying industrial anachronism standing defiant and alone in the surrounding subtopia", the Millennium Mills has become a well-loved icon of post-industrial Britain and has made its way into many aspects of popular culture, being used as a backdrop in films and television shows such as Ashes to Ashes and Derek Jarman's The Last of England. Millennium Mills is also a destination for Urban Explorers despite high security, dangers of structural weakness, ten-storey drops and asbestos, and there are many reports and internal photos of the site.

Tnx for a vital tip from the_raw. I was climbing up girders and ropes for about a half hour before I found a more obvious way in. ;/ *ashamed*










Employee logs go until 1991.

Silo D and the London Pleasure Gardens site.

View of Canary Wharf and the City.

Watching security leave.

Some verry dodgy stairs. Waited to get a plane taking off in frame but kept missing them. >_<


Up top.

Swimming Pool. :D




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I've loved this place since I was a kid, Really awesome shots! The London pleasure garden entrance right near there looks pretty creepy now seen as it's been left to rot for two years, but only got my hands through the fence so far to grab a few snaps, hopefully will make it all the way in one day soon! Nice one :thumb


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Cheers everyone. :D

Yeah I think the London Pleasure Garden's entrance would make a great photo at night, it's all located on the same site but I was wary of walking around in the open as had been observing 2 separate cars driving around sporadically.

If I'm around the area at dark might be worth dashing over there for a quick snap, I wonder if there is much left in those domes too.. o_O


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I was down there the other evening but only with my iPhone camera so when trying to a night time snap the flash just didn't cut it and came out too grainy but would be awesome with a good camera! It looks very eery at night, its good stuff!


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Excellent report and an uber-tastic set of shots. I agree with Gabe, shot 2 is perfect. Nice POV! No wonder this place is such a popular excursion for many people. Good work and thanks for sharing!


Rik UE

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Bloomin beautiful photographs!

I need to get back here with the nifty fifty 1.8 lens, get some close ups of MM!

Great report!

Now be prepared to get the PMs asking for access lol from the newbies :)

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