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Report - Mini Road Trip - Surrey

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Quick tour of a few nearby places that I have always been meaning to get to see but never got round to, so I tied them all up in one afternoon;

West Park Sports and Social Club.

Unwind with a few drinks after a hectic day at WP.

Wood panelled secluded meeting room complete with own personal bar and toilet.

Two full sized snooker tables. No balls though :(

St. Francis Church Hall - Ewell

There was a big church next to this hall about 7 years ago. The church relocated and the old church was demolished to make way for affordable (shite) housing.
This was used until recently as a nursery, but now has become unused and unloved.

This building looks too good to fall into disrepair

View towards front door and balcony.

View from balcony, there's a piano on the left by the fire exit, why do people always leave pianos behind :confused


Former BBC Sports Ground.

Irish millionaire Ben Dunne paid £3million for the former BBC Sports Ground in South West London.
With grand plans to convert it into a fitness centre, local opposition meant he shelved these plans and decided to turn it into a graveyard.

This too was vigorously opposed by local residents and so it remains a £3 million white elephant on some prime real estate.


Revolving doors to the old inflatable dome tennis courts.
These still work a treat and make the visit worthwhile

Chavtastic interior design throughout.

Hmmm, that looks a good climb..................