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Report - Mountain Ash Hospital, South Wales - June 2019


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I explored this place a few months ago and I was absolutely gutted to find the main building was a pile of rubble. Looking at other people's images from before the place burned down makes me really wish I had visited this place sooner. I tried to make the most of it and explored the single building left standing to the best of my ability as a total amateur. There's not a great deal to look around but I still managed to spend a full hour here trying to make sure I looked through every room thoroughly.

For a beginner, it may be a good starting point. The lack of security around the site and the size of the building itself should be easy to start with if you've never done any form of urban exploration before.

Here's some of my favourite images from my exploration of Mountain Ash Hospital.


This is the only building that's still standing - it still makes for a pretty good explore.


This room is just up the slight ledge you can see from the outside - the entirety of the roof has caved in and I can't make out the purpose of the room because its been stripped bare.


This is the same room as before, just from the doorway you get into it from.




The previous three images are all of the same room (which you can probably tell) - you have to follow the outside of the building around and climb through a bit of a bush to actually get in there.


My best guess is that this is some kind of electrical system? I honestly don't know



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28DL Full Member
I remember visiting here a year or two ago and bumping into a load of stupid ghost hunters, what a load of :wanker they were haha!
Real shame when it was knocked down as i kinda liked it there!

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