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Report - Mugdock AA Battery ........ Feb 2013

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Mugdock AA Battery is another part of the Clyde AA defences from WW2.
It survives in a reasonably consolidated condition as it is within a country park.
The battery never fired a shot in anger as the german planes typically followed paths up the river clyde or over loch Lomond both of which are over 5 miles away.
The battery consists of 4 gun emplacements and a control bunker
so onto the battery


you can see the magazines staggered around the gun emplacements at a 90 degree angle behind blast walls.


you can also see the one remaining part of the living quarters in the background. there are around a dozen hut bases there too.


every gun emplacement shows where the guns would have been mounted.


the control bunker has 4 entrances , all behind blast walls



there is also a solitary bunker of 3 rooms around 100 yards from the battery. in the background of this pic is a watertank which supplied the battery.
there was a spotters platform atop this during the war as it was at the top of a hill whereas the battery was a little down the slope.

but its 3 feet deep in mud so I wasn't attempting that

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