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Report - Mumbles Gun Emplacement

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
With a few hours to dispose of I paid a visit to the above. Having lived here for 26 years and I never knew it was there until a friends dad mentioned it to me last week :D

Ill shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves -











This is what they overlook -






The last picture was behind one of the crumbling structures. Before I posted my pictures I had a look to see if anyone had done a report on here before, all I could find was a mention of the place along with some diagrams.
The poster mentioned some sort of underground bunker and I am not sure if this is what I have in my picture or if there is more to be discovered, as the local parish Council made a big thing (according to the notice board outside) when they found the gunpits buried under 60 years of mud & fearns.

Could there be more buried under here yet waiting to be discovered????? - Plank


Re: Mumbles Gun Emplacement - report

Nice report and great site.

I'm the chap who shoved it on recon in the first place...

Now there ARE underground facilities in the area.

the Naval Batteries nearer the lighthouse have workshops etc - think I may have stumbled over a possible access point as the maint ones were cemented up pretty tight (was musing for months iof I could open them some how...)

You found the 4th battery and I'm pretty certain tehres MORE in the udnergrowht and appears you missed the final rear room and rear of the command bunker (I did as well even with torches light is crap in there.) - this bunker seems used for chav parties so be careful not to walk in on any...

The collapsing AA positon is - to my mind - the best preserved and I swear I saw some rusting machinery behind it a few months back (not been able to do it again yet...) will wait for winter when most foilage has gone back a bit.

The underground bunkers an area of debate with the cahps I went to the site with.

There are 2 distinct positions further down (nearer caravan park) and wandering through woodland the ground appeared at times to be 'weak' unexpectedly...

I think you could easily gain access through digging... but since one entrance is collapsed it'd be some work.

Someone told me it would be empty magasines...

But you never know ;)