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Report - Mushroom Quarry - Bradford-on-Avon

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Bradford-on-Avon has 3 mushroom quarries from what I've seen and only 1 is still active, one of the derelict ones is basically just a big door and a few buildings, including an air vent building that I can see from my house but the site I went and had a look around about a week ago has quite a few small single story buildings but unfortunatly the main quarry doors are padlocked. Its not a huge site but I took a few photos.

I hope this is the right place to be posting this as its a bit odd in that they grew mushrooms there from what I have found in the local library, they have photos in the mines with the mushrooms but there is an open air site too so move the post if its necessary and all.

Here is an aerial map of the area: [Link]

And as you can see its all one fairly long road that disappears into the trees and gets steeper, when walking in there is a cliff on the left and its hilly on the right, there are buildings dotted around the road in two main groups.

This is one of the first buildings on the right and as you can see its a loading bay with a cold storage box, it seems more recently a load of plastic storage boxes have been dumped there, behind this there are some offices. and you can see in the distance on the left the generator house and some more office buildings.

This is a shot of another cold storage box thats on the left of the road behind the buildings in the image above.

A shot inside the offices behind the loading bay in the first image, its all pretty trashed with all the buildings broken and whatnot but I think it must have happened a long while ago.

In the same building by the door in there is a sink with a first aid poster explaining how to resuscitate someone and an empty first aid box. I should have got a clearer photo of the poster really.

Now this building is the last building before the road is completely engulfed by nature, its some strange tent like building and it had some wooden pallets inside, its on the left of the road.

Now heading back down the road I found the remains of a small forklift, I had been on this site before and it was sticking out the ground on a funny angle but not now.

And a shot of the whole site and an old cart that I wanted a photo of. On the right in the photo you can see the back of the generator house / offices.

The sign for the Generator House, I like how its painted on.

A shot into a dark gap between the generator house on the right and some offices on the left, the generator house was pretty much empty apart from a load of rubbish, so no generator anymore.

Inside the office like buildings by the generator room I found some nice scales.

Now if you continue back towards the entrance along by the cliff there is the entrance to the quarry. Its got a wooden door with windows that is padlocked up.

A shot through the windows of the door, I could feel cold air rushing out at a steady pace.

I was glad to find the first forklift but I found a much larger one inside one of the sheds near the entrance.

Also behind that shed I found another smaller way into the quarry thats also padlocked up.

So yeah quite a nice quick visit but my camera ran out of batteries, but then its very very close so I'm bound to go have a look around when its winter again and the plants are not in the way of the caves further up the road.
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