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Report - - Nairnshire ROC Post, Inverness Group - 10-10-08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Nairnshire ROC Post, Inverness Group - 10-10-08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this with Bryag a couple of nights back, we believed it to be sealed, so it was just to be a quick case of documenting it from the outside...

When we got to the post, we discovered the welds were a real half-assed job, and had failed completely

So we opened 'er up :


I was about to clamber in, when eagle-eyed Bryag noticed something was missing :eek:

Some git had made off with the pump, and more importantly, the ladder :mad:

We're nothing if not determined though, so I got some rope, and some wood, a couple of days later we returned, et voila :


Access was ours :D

Given that the pump and ladder were gone, we expected this to be completely stripped out...

There was a bit of smell, 3 dead rabbits lived here :(

Imagine my delight upon descending into the darkness to see a red light blinking at me in the Post - a working t*****k :thumb:thumb

(picture is deliberately under-exposed, to show light )


This was a first for me, seen a few of these, but never one connected and working Yes, we tried it, no, no-one came :p

Next to it was this fella :


Old-school t******k, this post was turning into a real gem, especially after the initial impressions.


Poignant last message from the Corps :


Home-made stuff, we suspect this was still 'live' though the battery was goosed, probably just as well, or Lord knows what we'd have tried :rolleyes:


Glitto :D


Sounds like fun :


Good old BT :thumb


Looking back :


Peach of a post, that working t******k really made it for me, as well as seeing the old one​
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