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Report - National Cash Register Co Ltd, Dundee

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You know when you see a shopkeep in old films push that huge button to make an enormous brass cash drawer fly out of some lavish till... Chances are it's a national...

The period following World War II was notable for the transformation of the city's economy. While jute still employed one-fifth of the working population, new industries were attracted and encouraged. NCR Corporation selected Dundee as the base of operations for the UK in late 1945,[46] primarily because of the lack of damage the city had sustained in the war, good transport links and high productivity from long hours of sunshine. Production started in the year before the official opening of the plant on 11 June 1947. A fortnight after the 10th anniversary of the plant, the 250,000th cash machine was produced. By the 1960s, NCR had become the principal employer of the city producing cash registers, and later ATMs, at several of its Dundee plants. The firm, developed magnetic-strip readers for cash registers and produced early computers

All that remains of this works, stood to one side of McDonnalds, a bowling alley and assorted other crap is the work's handsome art deco office. To call it handsome is an overstatement... but it would have been handsome.

I'm totally guessing at this, but here is my version of why it is still there...

The works closed, the council decide to build the usual crap assortment of supermarkets, frankie and bennies and whatever... as the site is important, and the offices of merit, they are granted listed status. The demo company rip the works off the back of the building crudley, and brick it up, ruining the whole cool grace of the deco look...

It now sits there, obv with no takers for it's conversion until it's demo. Someone correct me if I'm worng, but I doubt I'll have any takers.

Inside a very lavish wooden staircase and hardwood revolving door are all that remain. Oh, and the strong room was sadly locked :(


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