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Report - NATO Storage Mine, France April 2016

The Kwan

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So I was lucky enough to be invited along on another Catas trip with Jobs, Hils, Andyj, Matt, Jake, Lawrence and Nicole and it was a lot of fun, we managed about 6 hours sleep in 4 days but stopped at variuos places along the way including Herblay mine, trou Perdue mine, Chateaux Secessions and ofcourse the catas, but we also stopped at this lovely place that I only know as Nato Mine.

What can I tell you about Nato Mine, well it was Fucking massive and apparently it was used by Nato or a similar organisation to store wheeled and tracked hardware, anyway and we wandered around for ages before actually finding the vehicles and we nearly gave up a few times when trying to fnd them, and thanks to the Merry Pranksters keen sense of direction we nearly didnt see them at all :D....that is ofcourse a joke because we were NOT leaving without seeing them and with Andy J's words of "Im not leaving until I see a fucking Tank" still ringing in our ears we pressed on until we found them, but in the process we found all manor of storage rooms, workshops, mopeds and vans etc, this place was amazing.
I missed some of the vehicles because I wandered off in another direction in total awe of the scale and beauty of the place but I did see some of them and here are the images.


Mahoosive passageways

I wondered what this would be worth to the metal fairies

Wot no lights

Open the back doors

El Gruppo shot, without half the group :)

Le Bogs

So we left happy in the knowledge tha we had seen what we came for, so it was out of the mine and we stopped at a nearby carpark to cook some food and to sup some beer....Good times folks with great people.

I have absolutely no idea were this NATO MINE was because I spent most of my time dozing off in the Limo and when not asleep I was often comfortably drunk thanks mainly to the fact that Bigjobs did all of the Euro driving ( I dont know how he managed it because it was a massive task, so big thanks for that Jobs)
Yeah, Heiniken is cheaper in France :)
Anyway, I took some video of the trip...


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The Kwan

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I didnt see any bits and bobs or atrifacts lying about but then again I even missed some of the vehicles thanks to going off on some mental aborational tangent. I really enjoyed this place though :) the thing that sticks in my mind about this place were the two mounds of dead rabbits and squirrells that had fallen down holes from above, I wish that i had made a project of photographing or videoing them now but at that time I was hell bent on finding hardware.

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That's cracking m8ty looks like a laugh all round . Great report and pics