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Report - Needham Chalk Quarry, Needham, Suffolk - May 2016


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Needham Chalk Quarry
A disused chalk quarry and processing site, now turned in to a housing estate.

Maurice Smither left the army in 1946 and used his world war two demobilisation money to begin selling chalk, he initially rented the quarry but then went on to buy the land from the farm it sat on. His soon David took over the business after Maurice’s death in the late 80’s, the site was still owned by the Smither family up until it was sold to Hopkins Homes for housing development. There are no clear reports as to why the site closed, but presumably it was shut after the chalk. The company, Needham Chalks is still in business with three other quarries around East Anglia.


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While driving though Needham I noticed a boarded up house, found a place to park and decided to have a nosy. Walked round and found an entire quarry in the back garden, clearly the house had been bought to not get in the way of future development. Given that you couldn’t see the place from the main road, it’s not surprising the place seemed untouched by yobs. It was probably the same reason that access was a walk in, the only things locked were the diggers, everything else had been left. Being industrial, the place isn’t pristine but there were a few nice touches like the drinks list with each of the employees on it. Anyway, on with the photos.



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