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Report - Nestle Rowntree York July 18


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Was not meant to be a Explore, A few days away to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary in Yorkshire, determined not to poke around in any derps we'd done enough this year already.
So A trip out to York on the cards, after finding somewhere to park up we head on foot into the city, on the opposite side of the road to where we parked theres a big old abandoned building, trying to figure out what it was we come to the conclusion that it might be a old hospital, quick search on line didnt throw anything up , ah well fuck it on with the day into York for a stroll, but of course its never going to end there, anyone who's really into exploring knows that feeling, it'll play on your mind all day, by the time we was walking back to the car we didnt care what it was we wanted to get in and have a look.

Dressed in our civilized clothes we crept up through the wooded area looking for a gap in the palisade, finding our way through we was then met with another palisade fence, wrapped in barb wire, again we found away through, ripped and slightly dirty clothes im sure this wasn't the romantic weekend cheryl had in mind, luckily she seemed dead set on getting in as well, happy days.

We made a dash across a open area to the main building, boarded up windows and locked doors all around, but with most stuff there's normally away, this being no different, we was in and exploring.

Obviously it was no hospital, never mind didn't really care what it was, could have been done a thousand times for all i care, it probably has, but to me it was exploring, we found it by accident, we found our own way in, we crept around with that uncertainty if there was camers, pirs or security, the building itself was stripped and in the bigger picture pretty boring, the difference? we didn't know that and that's what made it exciting.

Rowntree's built the factory at the end of the 19th century, Rowntree later became Rowntree Mackintosh, then Nestlé Rowntree, The factory closed in 2006....
















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That looks a well chilled mooch, I like it. My favorite type of building. Nice pics.
The excitement of finding your own way is infectious but I find often dissapointing lol.


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I reckon i must have seen it on Facebook or something! Good work none the less. We did try to get in here years ago to no avail.


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wow... im amazed this place is still around... I take it you got into the newer section
I got into the old site, but not to the adjacent site which was in use back then.
Nice to see it! thanks for posting

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Great to see this pop up again, cheers :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Fantastic post, I worked many years in that factory so a few good memories there!! Thanks!

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