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Report - Nettleton Ironstone Mines - Lincolnshire - Oct 2010


it's dark in here innit?
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Kid_in_a_toyshop and I spent a good few hours mooching today. I'd heard about this place ages ago but have neve been before. If there was underground access at any of the 9 tunnels and adits then it promised to be epic but, alas, we can report that there is no access underground (well not at the moment at least). :banghead So maybe this doesn't really belong in the underground section?

Nettleton Mine, near Holton Le Moor, Lincs. was first opened in around 1928 by the Mid Lincolnshire Ironstone Co. later coming under the ownership of John Lysaghts and eventually the British Steel Corporation. To begin with horses were used for haulage, the output being tipped from the 2ft 6in. gauge tubs into a hopper from where it travelled down to Holton Le Moor by aerial ropeway where standard gauge sidings connected in from the LNER Barnetby to Market Rasen line.

In the late 1930s, diesel locomotives were introduced and by the 1950s had taken over completely. The ropeway was replaced by a concrete road for lorries and the crusher and tippler areas were remodelled, along with a new and larger workshop/loco shed.

More mines had been opened up at Nettleton Bottom and the existing mine was also used as a through tunnel to connect to a new tunnel that ran under a hill, over a new embankement, crossin the Viking Way footpath and into the new mine. The new mine also incorporated two ventilation adits.

The mines had closed by 1968 and one loco and a number of wagons were being stored inside No.5 adit when it collapsed, burying them - they were never retrieved.





Someone's had a go at the main adit at Nettleton Bottom with a Stihl saw or similar. Unfortunately they had given up - perhaps someone needs to have another crack at it??? ;)






This is all the underground access. We crawled in a roof-fall but behind the adit was completely blocked. :-(





So there you go - a bit of a fail really. The factory that used to be the mine workshops where the 1957 adit is is a live site with CCTV so we had to be a bit careful there.


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Very interested in this as it develops...

You got my hopes up reading the title!

Good work and fair play for the effort mate.


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We visited the mines recently. Someone has continued to work on the main adit/mine and gained access. We ventured in to have a look, but a few meters in from the entrance our analyser went off showing 18% oxygen and continued to drop fairly rapidly, thus we made our way out. Therefore, please be aware of potential low oxygen levels in the main mine which there is now access to!
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