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Report - New Brighton Crane and some ground shots


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Hey all!

I know this has been done a fair bit and the guys who I did this with have already done their reports on the night but I figure it's a good one for me to start on and I'd rather share the picture then have them sat on my HD :D.

So, to set the scene!

We had been trying for a while to get into St Peter / St pauls church for a while. We had been pretty stealthy in our entrance and even managed to kreep near a back garden jacuzzi party!

Now no matter how much I wanted to go join in the party I doubt they would have appreciated the company! so we snook by and started to walk towards our planned entrance (opposite the party). As we approach one of us triggers off a movement sensor and we throw out Urban Explorer sign with our shadows into the night! (like the Batman sign only better).

So that pretty much puts an end to that and we leave to take some shots from outside.

The night pretty much went on like this with us encountering a drunk lad waiting on a corner for his girlfriend to sobre up! (the corner just happened to be an entrance to our next chosen site). So we scrapped that idea.

We drove off to our plan C! Another craine.... Only to discover that security was still on site and didn't appear to be leaving anytime soon!

Soo....... back we went to the church. This time however we got in only to find alarma blocking access to pretty much every room. Back to craine we go for one more look! this time our entrance is clear and we get onto the site...

Now we are about to start climbing the craine and a light switches on in a room that is overlooking our ascent.... an old man awoken by his need for bacon or whatever it was he was cooking at 2:30AM is now staring right at us.... We decided to call it a night and we drive Xan home....

On the way back I get the feeling that I can't let the night end on such a fail! not when this was my first chance to use the Camera that Ex0 has so nicely given me!

So I ask Ex0 and non forum member friend if they are up for giving the craine one more try! it's 3:20 (ish) AM and we decided that we can be there up and down by 4AM easy!

So we speed off to site get up the craine and start taking pictures.

By the time we finish it's pretty much daylight and Ex0 and I are up the craine and his tripod decides that it doesn't want to close. Needless to say we had an awkward climb down but it was worth it for my first time getting to use a decent camera :D.

I know this is very wordy and thanks for reading :D

A few pictures from outside the church.




Without further ado onto the craine pictures!!!! :D











Thanks for looking :thumb

Any advice welcome

Tom / Kromax


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