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New here (Shropshire/Powys) | New Members Introduction |

New here (Shropshire/Powys)

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28DL Member
28DL Member
Yo 28DL crew.

Been on and off following this site since 2012 but finally decided to make an account and contribute further.

Started doing this in my teens and have travelled the UK looking for various abandoned premises.

Now I really enjoy the amount of knowledge surrounding these premises from historical reasons to simply funding or death.

Have recently done Talgarth, Denbigh, Goveners Lighthouse Mansion on Angelsea and everything possible in the surrounding area, Bewdley Cemertary.

Mainly trying to find our own places now to research and document further.

Not really to sure what to write here, what to say but I'm trying to say hi, show my respects to all members and help contribute further.

Peace be the Journey


Putting the fun in dysfunctional
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Wecome to 28dl, nice intro btw.
I know that area very well but only manage to get back there occasionally.


28DL Member
28DL Member
hey ! also in powys area if you have any recommendations in this county it would b greatly appreciated :)


28DL Member
28DL Member

I'm in Shropshire area too. I've seen a couple things on the English side already (so far only Coalbrookdale was worth reporting, sadly). Got some Welsh sites on the bucket list too though.

Hope to see some of your reports soon :)