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or8 everyone!

I'm pretty new to this urban exploring lark. browsed this site loads over the years and always had an interest in old and abandoned places, never actually been on a proper explore though seen as none of my mates are that arsed. I'm well up for exploring a few places so if anyone would let me tag along that would be pretty sound! i'm 25 up for an adventure drop me a message!


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Welcome in

TBH you're in the ideal location for visiting Derps which I thought you would already know by now going off your introduction?

There's lot of places in Sheffield you can do solo you don't need a posse with ya

As you should know use the seach box & get a few reports up .
etc etc

Or drop a message to one of the other new Sheffield members in the introduction section. There's loads of them hiding about Sheffield in limbo it seems unsure what to do :)


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Welcome to the Forum :thumb
Plenty in Sheff, keep meaning to return as I barely scratched the surface
Like @ACID- REFLUX said, there's loads of places to do solo


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Cheers guys!
I would do a few places solo but i think it would be more fun with other more experienced people. Plus there's always the safety aspect to it, don't wanna fall down somewhere and not be found or run into some angry crackheads! lol i'm sure that doesn't happen much but still!

There's one place i have up my sleeve in chapletown, I've tried to access before solo but no success, i think a lot of people on here would love to explore it if they new it exists. Unfortunately its buried underground. (For now) going to have another look in a few months see if anythings changed.
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Why in a few months ? are you training up some Badgers or something to dig it out for you ? :D

Just bang that big drum of yours, that"ll scare the Crackheads off........hopefully :)

Seriously though if you can"t face going solo anywhere in Sheffield, with it"s many walk-ins and open locations, then maybe this isn"t the "Hobby" for you ???

And yet you said you were 25 & up for an adventure :confused:


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haha badgers! don't be daft!..... i have an army of squirrels, they think i've hidden some nuts down there! but it will take a few months with their tiny paws ! :)
lol but seriously....the place was buried in the early 70's, when i went to investigate at the end of last year the side of the hill which covers it has started falling away exposing the structure underneath, also where the doors are supposed to be it seems to be coming away as well but they were still very buried. I'm hoping it may have exposed more since. I may take a shovel next time and see if i can unearth more however i feel its probably not going to be accessible for a long while, unless i have a JCB.

and its not that i cant face it solo, just think it would be more fun with other people is all! :)


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But the usual thing with this stuff is nobody knows who anybody is or what their game is, hence the usual thing to do is too post some reports up to allow members to see what you"re about. And obviously to do this you need to visit a few places :)
There"s lots of iffy situations you can find yourself in doing this and you"ll appreciate this too involves trust with the people you"re with as you need to be able to rely on them.

If nobody messages you just either do the above and / or as i said before look in the New Members section re Sheffield and see if any of these still exist ?

Trouble is now it"s the school holidays most of the new Sheffield members who disappeared will be waiting tables & shit ;)

Or just walk around certain buildings on a weekend and join the Tours :thumb

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