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Report - New Palace Theatre, Plymouth – July 2011


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Although this place has been done before, I shall briefly outline the history:

The New Palace Theatre first opened in 1898 to host music concerts as well as theatricals. In 1961 it was adapted to be used as a Bingo hall while still putting on the occasional show. It was last refurbished as a theatre in 1978. However, in 1982 the Theatre Royal opened putting the New Palace out of business in 1983. It was then converted into a night club named the Academy and later changed its name again to the Dance Academy due to change of ownership.
It was raided by police in 2006 because of all the drug dealings and stuff :rolleyes:

The New Palace Theatre is a building that has always grabbed my full attention when passing by. It’s a beautifully grand building that’s survived world war II but certainly sad to see it left to rot and fall to pieces.

Ive always wanted to get inside the place and after a snoop around on a sunny afternoon I found a full-proof way in! My heart was pounding and I had the biggest smile on my face! But I didn't want to do it alone so after a post in the leads/rumours section.. a few emails, phone calls, I got a couple other local explorers interested and I made new friends! Pretty good for a newbie .. eh? :)

We met at a nearby pub for a couple pints on a quiet Sunday night and the rest is history!

Explored with CrazyJ, Timmy, Strokesboy21 and 2 others (not members of 28DL)

Im a bit of a noob when it comes to photography and I was still getting to grips with using my Sony Cybershot camera so some of the pictures were shot in 200 ISO.. so you'll have to excuse the slight grain to the images, sorry :p





Some of the old theatre decor

One of the bars

Somebody didn't finish their drink

Dj booth

I wander whats up this big scary ladder..

... the flies! Where a lot of things still remain from its days as a theatre..



The phantom condom machine!! The lights on the machine earily flicker despite there being no power to the building for years! :eek:


Huge speakers and a bed in the ‘chill-out room’ .. just like my bedroom!

An old elevator shaft, I would have climbed inside if there wasn’t inch deep of pigeon poop on the floor

The upper level flat and offices

Lets grab a snack from the fridge!

Lurpak anyone??




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Whats happened to this place these days?
Its being slowly saved by a charity called Go Palace the place is open to the public daily for tours but you are regulated to where you can go as the place is in a bit of a mess these days Don't bother going near the place any other time its alarmed up to the max and cammed up with the latest cctv cameras on the market these days