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Report - Niphon Works, Wolverhampton Nov 2010


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As I'm a sucker for fabric, trimmings and dirty old mills, the Niphon Works in Wolverhampton was singled out as somewhere I'd definitely like to have a poke around. I remember Dweeb saying it was near Sunbeamland but it's like a rabbit warren in that part of town so we were driving around in circles looking for it. After ringing Vdub, speed, rigsby, DHL and still had no success, we tried good old reliable Google and it came up straight away. I'm officially one of the most disorganised building pokerer in the country so not being able to find a large factory in a relatively small area was no real surprise.

It originally made tin trunks, tinware and japanned goods but later in its life, it was obviously used for the manufacture of some of the most hideous clothes I've seen in my entire life.

Here's the photos :)





















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