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Report - Niphon Works, Wolverhampton - October 2010


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A wee bit of history for those interested:

Listing: Locally listed in 2004. Classic 19th century factory building. Four storey frontage with tall narrow workshops to rear. Decorative central bay with elaborate pediment and 'Niphon Works' in relief above ground floor windows. Established c.1865, by Robert Stroud, for the manufacture of tin trunks, tinware and japanned goods. Prominent landmark in local area.

Source - http://www.localhistory.scit.wlv.ac.uk/listed/localist/Niphon Works.htm

This is a crazy place, walking through an archway into a courtyard where there clearly used to be a hive of industrious activity all that is left (when I went atleast) were a couple of blokes working with metal by hand making gates. There was no way I could pass them without them noticing so I strolled up to them and said 'alright how's it going? Any chance I can get in there (pointing to the abandoned buildings) to take a few photos (holding up my camera)?' They bloke gestured as if to say 'go ahead but I haven't seen you'.

Ok, so I just need to find a way in and it's on...The part I managed to access was an old clothing factory. I took plenty of shots but these were the highlights for me...

















All in all this was a good way to spend a few hours. It struck me how this place felt instantly abandoned, not like it had slowed down to a stop over time. One day that was it everyone left, and I got to see how they had left it and what they had left behind. I particularly like the shot where there are peoples names with what look like holes in the wall where maybe their coat pegs have been ripped out - interesting I think. I also liked the scenes where people had stuck photos and posters to the walls to keep them entertained and inspired and uplifted at work and on hearing that they no longer had a job there they were no longer of significance and they just left them behind. I like how your imagination runs wild when you explore these places and I like to digest the experience on the drive home before editing the photos and selecting which ones to use to tell the story of my experience there.

Thanks for looking, thoughts and ideas always very welcome.

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